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Mold Manufacturing

State-of-the-art mold manufacturing facility with precision machinery (5-axis mills with 30k to 42k RPM) for high accuracy and superior surface finish.

Injection Moulding

With 220+ injection molding machines ranging from 35 tons to 1200 tons, Shaily can meet the most stringent molding requirements including micro-moldings as small as 0.03 grams within 5 micron tolerances. 

Shaily follows the principles of Scientific Injection Molding to ensure a robust, reliable and repeatable injection molding process. 

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Assembly and secondary operations

Shaily has comprehensive capabilities for secondary operations such as pad printing, hot stamping, painting, ultrasonic welding and vacuum metalizing. In addition, Shaily also specializes in innovating manual, semi-automated and fully-automated assembly processes that optimize cost while maintaining 100% product quality. 


Shaily’s fully equipped metrology lab consists of high accuracy VMMs and CMMs from Zeiss, Micro-Vu and Keyence. 

Shaily has CT scanning capabilities from Zeiss, that not only allow for comprehensive metrology, but also for analysis of part interaction in complex mechanisms.

Keyence Zeiss Metronom CT scanner Zeiss O-Inspect
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Polymer Expertise

In addition to commodity polymers, Shaily specializes in processing high-performance engineering polymers such as PA6/66/12, PES, PPS, PBT, LCP, PC, Torlon, and PEEK. Shaily has successfully executed several projects in the automotive segment where it has converted metal components to plastics using these enginering polymers.

New Product Development

Shaily Innovations UK and Shaily India, work in partnership with leading international design consultancy, IDC, to develop new products from concept, design, and engineering right through to prototyping, testing and manufacturing, covering entire product development lifecycle, With our design for manufacture (DFM), design for assembly (DFA), engineering, and manufacturing expertise, we support our customers for new developments and ensure optimising manufacturing, assembly processes and secondary operations, without compromising quality.

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Quality is at the very heart of Shaily. We aim to lead by example and employ the best operational and social business practices, the latest technologies, and skilled workers to deliver our promise of first class quality to customers.

We have a quality management system that is used throughout the organization and this supports our programme of continuous improvement. In the highly regulated medical sector, we are certified to the highest quality levels globally with certification in:

  • ISO 13485:2016
  • ISO 15378:2017
  • ISO 9001:2015
  • IATF 16949:2016

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Steel manufacturing

In 2019, Shaily opened phase 1 of a state-of-the-art Sheet Metal Furniture plant. The 70,000 sq ft plant processes 6000 tons of steel per annum, producing cabinets, drawer units, tables and storage units. 

Equipment includes mechanical presses ranging from 100t to 500t; robotic MIG welding; laser cutting; CNC press brakes and capacitor discharge spot welding. 

Our spray powder coating line uses organic Oxsilan pre-treatment; Nordson proprietary uniform flow guns; and quick color change – achieving a through rate of 5m/min.

View a video tour of Shaily's carbon steel plant

Steel plant press shop Laser cutting Spot welding
Warehouse storage and logistics


Our robust SCM system cascades across all stages of design and production; ranging from movement and storage of raw materials to work-in-process inventory to transportation of finished products to over 40 countries worldwide.