About Us

Shaily was established over 30 years ago by Mike Sanghvi. From a start-up of just two injection moulding machines, we are now India’s largest exporter of plastics components and are a publicly listed company.

Today we employ over 1000 employees across five manufacturing plants and have over 120 injection moulding machines, with sophisticated high speed automated and robotic production lines.

We produce goods for some of the biggest names on the planet and our exceptionally high quality standards enables us to supply products for the medical, healthcare and consumer sectors, as well as critical components for the automotive industry. We are certified to ISO 9001, ISO 13485, ISO 15378 and compliant with FDA 21 and CFR 820.

As well as commodity polymers, we specialise in high and ultra high performance polymers and are the only licensed manufacturer of Torlon in India.

Geographically we are placed in an easily accessible location for both suppliers and for shipping products to customers, with our sites near Baroda, Gujarat.